DallRae Music Introduces New Partner and his Electronic Duo ke thu

by Jan 24, 2019

DallRae Music is elated to announce our new partner, Steven Stavropoulos.

Steven has been in love with making music since he was 12 years old. Over the last 10 years, he has played in several touring and studio bands and written songs for theatre, dance, films and commercials. He has held roles in every corner of the industry including studio musician, producer, audio engineer, event coordinator, and film scorer. Currently, Steven is focusing on his live electronic duo ke thu, a group that performs live dance music in clubs around Detroit. He finds passion not only in playing music, but listening as well, giving him a deep understanding of a multitude of genres from all time periods, and from all over the world.

Outside of his musical passions, Steve holds a master’s degree in Interaction Design and works as a UI Designer. He has produced a wide range of projects showcased in the Detroit Institute of Arts, The North American International Auto Show, Consumer Electronics Show, and the Toyota National Dealers Meetings.

Most recently, Steve was brought on as a partner to DallRae Music due to his extensive experience in both advertising and music production. He has one foot planted in each world and is bringing them together through DR.

More about ke thu

ke thu is an electronic duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists Tim Barrett and Steven Stavropoulos. The two produce music that draws upon indie, experimental, electronic, techno and house styles. ke thu’s music explores the space between the nightclub and nature, employing a variety of hardware synths, samplers and live instrumentation. Their style is minimal, layering moody, atmospheric timbres over deep, focused dance rhythms.

Check out their debut track “Love Days” which gives homage to the legendary Motown sound of Detroit. This House track reprises Aretha Franklin’s classic over driving Piano riffs taken from Prince’s unreleased tapes. Their debut album MXR​.​001 is released on January 15th with a limited run of pressed records at Detroit’s Archer Recordings. Order the album here.

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